The Stranger

Feelings of emptiness

Nothing to give

Present in person

Yet not able to live

Words bounce off pages

Into the air

Like bubbles that float

Bursting into nothing…

Faith at its lowest

Turn around, at its slowest.

Joyful Blue Jay

Enthusiastic spirit

Vibrant soul

Frolicking foal


Jet setter

Now …

A stranger

In real danger.

The stranger left

Taking creativity, initiative and reason

With every ounce of oomph

Why? The question is posed

Where are you?


Yes you.

The one who stood firm when waves came crashing

The one who stood when words came lashing

The one He held when worlds went smashing

The one whom He cradled, when a beloved when dashing.

Where are you?

The encourager is silenced.

Reaching for help with hands that keep slipping

Mustering strength inn an attempt to keep gripping


In the noise

In the silence

Drowning in numbness

No thought to care

No feeling there

Just nothingness



No thing



And in the O

The stranger…

(written on 23 May 2013)