The Epitome of Love

The Epitome of Love

When your heart is empty and a loved one is gone

the struggle to get your feet on the ground seems so long

When the pillar you stood on is kicked from under your feet

and your body is afflicted and life seems incomplete

When you think joy is back

But you’re faced with attack

Reading makes no sense

It all seems a pretence

When tears flow for reasons confusingly unknown

Could it be from the seeds one has previously sown?

When black becomes grey and white becomes cream

And all you really want to do is scream

When there seems to be no purpose seen

And life feels like “it has already been”

When nothing seems to motivate

And you are numbed in a tranquilized state

He is holding you tight

With all his might

Because he does not want you to lose sight

Yes in your plight

He pleads “please fight”

I am coming to take you home

Some day

John 16:22 So you have sorrow now, but I will see you again and your hearts will rejoice, no one will take your joy from you. RSV

BJD 8 May 2011


I’m looked upon as filth..
A curse,
A nuisance,
In isolation…
I feel discrimination.
What did I do?

Life has decided what I would be.
I did not choose life, life chose me.
Is it not unfair,
That I be judged
And made to feel no worth?

I’m marked,
My clothes of white,
My shaven head,
Explain the shame,
Yet, am I to blame?

My culture weighs upon my shoulders,
Discrimination like big boulders.
Diversity, inequality, indifference,
No one should be subdued to these.

No race, no status, no illness, or religion,
No gender, no culture
should evoke feelings of discrimination.

Written by BJDankers 2010


Rise Up!

You may feel you cant go on,
But this I tell you friend.
You have supernatural strength,
Strength that has no end.

I believe that you can stand,
Head held high again.
Your inner person
Being renewed,
Despite the constant strain.

Rise up friend!
There’s much too do
Don’t miss out on life’s beauty!
The world is waiting
just for you
To rise up
And do your duty.

And when you rise
You’ll feel the ground
still firm beneath your feet.
Angels cheering all around
The King upon his seat.

Weary soul, rise up I say
With all that is inside you
Enjoy abundant life that’s yours
Rise up!Rise up today!

Written on 30 March 2013